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CFE & 3N38 Major load data.


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Hi to all the members of the forum. I am a new to reloading  and want to get some input on some major load data that you may know about:


124gr RN (Bayou)CFE & 3N38

125gr RN (Blue)CFE & 3N38


From research, I have seen to start 124gr/125gr on 6.4gr CFE pistol and 7.2gr 3N38.


Is this a good starting point? I’ll be shooting it on a czechmate and sti open gun and I’ll adjust accordingly.

Thank you.

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First off, stay away from poly coated bullets in a ported and/or comp'd gun.  You will lead up the comp and it will be a pain to get out.  Several of my friends shoot CFE.  I don't, because I think it too fast.  I only use 3N38 for minor loads, because I can't fit enough in the case to make major wioth a 115.

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14 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

Are you shooting 9mm Major or .38 Super ?


9mm major.  The 9.4-9.5gr 3N38 I need to make major fills the case so much I cannot seat a 115 to 1.161".  It just won't compress enough.  That's okay.  I'm using up the 12 lbs. I have for steel challenge loads.  7gr under a 124 gives me 1120fps.  It works the comp and shots well.

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