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CMMG 300 upper build or buy complete rifle?

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As someone who has recently built a CMMG Radial Delayed Blowback upper with a mil spec lower and CMMG 9 ARC mags, I can say that the most recent CMMG Mag conversions/inserts are very reliable.  So state willing, you can have 30-rd AR PMags the feed 9mm and still save quite a bit on a quality mil spec AR lower.  I switch that upper with a 5.56 upper with the same lower, even same buffer system.  So it's a nice modular thing to have.


But for competition, you have more options for extended capacity with Glock mags for example.  40- even 50-round single magazines, whereas with the AR Mags so far there's only 30.  So in that respect a dedicated rifle that takes Glock mags may be a better choice, but it will probably cost more because you really should use the CMMG lower for Glock mags.  Plus if you're shooting a match where you will have to change mags, it might be less bulky to have multiple Glock 9mm mags on your belt than AR ones. 

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