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Is the FN509 that terrible? Looking for production rig

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So, I'm thinking of competing again in USPSA after a long break involving nasty range politics and an even more nasty hand injury (separate events). My Limited rig is an old Tanfo Limited, works fine but I'm looking to just shoot production for simplicity's sake. I've shot production with my wife's M&P9, and its ok, but it never really fit my hand. Besides its hers. I don't have a production setup, so starting from scratch.

While at the local fun store, I put a few poly framed 9's in my mits. The CZ p09 just felt wrong. Nothing felt really good, but the FN 509 was excellent. The HK vp9 and Beretta Apex were close, but still not like the 509.

So I get online and look at the research. I could go with the longslide FNS-9 for longer sight radius. But the new gun with a warranty is probably better, right? I know Glocks fit my hand ok, but the grip angle felt better on the FN.

So what to do, say you the inter-google-web? Go with the FN 509 with its mediocre trigger and lack of support or with something else? I mean really the "lack of support" just means I can't customize, but do I need to in Production anyways? I shot one match with a Glock, and it was fine, but it was like "meh, whatever" and I never thought I would go out and actually buy one.

I can make a kydex holster (already done a few), I reload so I can tune loads, and I do well with the light 9mm platform. Oh, the 92fs also feels great to me, so yes I must have a weird hand or something. I'd like to be competitive, but I doubt that I will ever spend the time needed to be a M or GM, or shoot nationals or go pro. Just looking for for opinions on the FN or other striker guns that maybe I need to look at.

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As noted above, Apex supports the FN509, and it's available in a few different sizes.I have an FNS 9mm, and the trigger wore in pretty decently, but the FNS Series has NO aftermarket support at all. The FN509 appears to to have a much beefier fire control system compared to the FNS as well. Still, my FNS has never missed a beat, ever. A friend just bought a 509 Mid-size and likes it well enough, but it's taking a bit of time to wear in. His groups out of the box were atrocious, but after perhaps 1000 rounds they're half the size he started with, and the gun shows enough promise that I'm considering buying one myself although the new generation M&P CORE should be about ready to ship to the general public any time now.

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Why try to reinvent the wheel ? There is a reason vast majority are using only  a couple of guns.  Been there done that eventually you realize the error of your ways. You cant sell what you have cause everyone else already knows. So just money flushed down the drain.
Hnadful of platforms win over and over and over, many are pretty cheap.. Pick one.

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The FN pistols are good solid pistols for the game but they have just not caught on in USPSA for one reason or another.  Very little aftermarket support and few custom makers doing anything.  In the plastic pistol market you really need to look at Glock, S&W or Springfield.  Even guns like the CZ P09/P10 can't gain traction in the competition market.


If you are dead set on the FN and want a good holster contact Nick at nickydex.com.  He is a FN diehard and will make  you a great holster.

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I have an FNS 9 longslide cut for an optic, an FNS 9L I use in production and an FNS 40L in limited. I don't shoot often but have only had a few issues in there years and all but one was ammo related and the other was limp wristing.

My carry is an FNS9C and my home protection is an FNP45. I got a great deal on a FNX40 so I have that too.

I also have an FN509 that I will shoot production with soon.

I do not see any disadvantage using any FN versus a Glock, Sig or HK. I have shot them but don't like the feel. Plus going from any of them to the other doesn't take a lot of adjustment because the feel is similar and the triggers on the stryker guns are similar too.

I have thousands of rounds through everything except the FNX40 and FN509 and the 509 feels better than the FNS.

If you like it get it and don't worry about what others shoot. Until you get close to A level as long as you have a reliable gun your equipment won't hold you back.

I saw Ashley Reurick (can't remember the spelling of her last name) shoot production with a Glock and spank GM's. Dave Sevigny did well with FN's too.

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