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CGW 10x Bushing and IDPA


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Reading about the Cajun barrel bushing and trying to understand the legality in IDPA SSP. My CZ SP01 has a factory bushing already and the Cajun version appears to be a drop in, so why is it illegal? It doesn’t require machining like the CZC version, so I’m confused. Sorry if this has been answered before but I searched and didn’t find a reason. 

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Pardon some of my newbie questions. 2019 was my first year shooting competitively, long time shooter just not competitive. Last year I used my Walther Q5 match and I changed nothing. That said, I always shot my 1911 better which lead me to the CZ. Metal frame and DA/SA attracted me. Shot me first match with it this past weekend and I was pleased. I’m never going to win the class (no teenager) but I have a few buddies and we compete at the matches and bench race between matches. It’s great fun and we are learning. Thank you in advance for any help



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The CZ Custom Accu-bushing looks like the one on a 1911.....





It requires milling of the slide on the front and as far as I can tell is not allowed for SSP in IDPA but should be fine for ESP and USPSA Production.  The Cajun 10X bushing...





Update: searching back, the CJW 10X was deemed ILLegal for SSP in IDPA because you could see it from the outside of the gun, I guess around the muzzle.  I don't know if that has changed recently, and frankly I don't know if someone could tell if you didn't inform them.  Searching to see if it's still not allowed.


It IS permitted for Production in USPSA.

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Like Mo said...show me an average SO or CSO that would be able to determine the differences between a 10x bushing and a regular bushing on inspection, much less know that it's not a regular replacement part.


Sometimes, when you ask too many questions, you get extra unenforceable rules as a result. Just look at the offshore oil & gas industry offshore as an example.

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