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Tested New PD Hybrid Recoil Springs


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Some range time today with Kryptonite. It gets smoother every trip! Swapped in the new @PatriotDefense optimised recoil spring and it's pretty slick! I run a full limited Slide stroked out to 2.4600 and I still DID NOT have to clip any coils! Slide locks up nice and tight still too. Awesome! They come pre polished and color marked too which is very very convenient. I mean I quite literally put like 20 unknown weight recoil springs back into the parts bin. All I had to do was replace all with four Weight Color Coded, and prepolished, of the @PatriotDefenseHybrid Recoils springs. 

Sincerely what an improvement with slide feel/cycle. I'm much more than happy! 


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I'm tuning still and right now the 11lb seems to be a nice return for the dot. I may try lighter. I'm running a hogged out EGD comp, Limited slide, and two 5/32nd popples. It's pretty nice. Oh and I do my own stroking.

In my GT's i always ran 8lb spring for major and minor. I like AA7 under 124s. Like 6gn or so for steel. It's soooooo soft.


But man its suprising how that little detail of color code makes a difference. Thank goodness.  

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