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SAO long reach trigger?


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I fiddled with a friend's 2011 recently and liked the further placement of the trigger face that they had and I was hoping to reproduce it in my Czechmate. I found some old threads on SAO long reach triggers but can't find them in stock anywhere. Does anyone know if they are still in production? 


If not, has anyone tried any home brew solutions? I've thought of maybe trying some epoxy putty, though I don't know what material the OEM trigger is so I can't be certain it will bind. 



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I would say a few mm's forward of your stock Czechmate.  Also, this trigger has a little more forward curvature compared to the flat-with-curved bottom of yours.


On 11/16/2018 at 9:38 PM, obsessiveshooter said:

The new trigger arrived today and I just got it installed. I really like it! It moves the trigger forward about 1/8", depending on how you measure. The factory plastic trigger didn't need loctite on the set screws, this one will. It doesn't flex like the plastic factory trigger. I consider this money well spent.

I also replaced the factory trigger pin with the cz custom pin, and put in a new trigger return spring. In the disassembly I finally saw what people are talking about when they say titegroup is dirty. The factory trigger's insides were so gummed up with black mud that the spring wasn't able to do its job well. Now I can feel the reset much better. I'll keep using titegroup, but I'm going to be spraying down my guns with brake cleaner every couple months now. b13c4d6ebb85e3241a74bd97d62b9311.jpg2f6c2b8997a983de10538019f9a3e263.jpg

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6 hours ago, obsessiveshooter said:

Yes, that's my TS and the long reach trigger made a huge difference for me. I highly recommend the trigger if the extra reach will get your trigger finger into a more natural position. I do think it pretty much eliminated trigger freeze for me.


I tried putting a little spacer on the front of my trigger to test it out in dry fire and it felt much more comfortable and less fatiguing for me, so I went ahead and ordered one for my CM and one for my TSO. Hoping it helps the occasional trigger freeze as well. 

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