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WTT Primers and .22lr for trade for toilet paper and hand sanitizer


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5 hours ago, redwoods said:


A case of primers for a case of tp? Or willing to trade a brick of .22 ammo for a 24oz bottle of hand sanitizer?


Any takers?



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sure...i'll start saving the used tp for ya.

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The TP I could understand (local stores ran out quickly), but the paper towels I COULDN'T understand. Were these folks expecting a flood or something?


I began stockpiling a month ago. I also keep a box of non-perishables in the back bedroom at all times. Now I have three boxes and a freezerful of stuff. I spend a good deal of time now 'hunting and gathering' rather than looking for a good time. Good times are over for now. It's only a matter of time before the local county jail locks out the volunteer staff (I am one), but not yet. We have no cases of virus in our county (or our jail) at the time of this writing. The inmates are probably some of the safest people in town because they're monitored and already isolated. 

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On 3/11/2020 at 7:11 PM, Hi-Power Jack said:

Sorry, Redwoods, but Real Shooters do NOT use Quilted TP.     :( 


I've heard they actually use dry leaves, held in their weak hand,

with the wrist cocked for speed.     :) 


I go strong hand for accuracy. And I gave up toilet paper years ago. When your arse is like sandpaper, charmin doesn't hold up. Now I use paper towels from the shop.


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1 hour ago, GrumpyOne said:

Playing the age card, eh? Jack is 100 years older than you and can probably explode tennis balls with his WEAK hand!

 Good on Jack.  I don't need to explode a tennis ball. I just want my butt clean. 40 grit it doing fine.


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