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Possibly unable to make local match? Etiquette


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Sorry if this is the wrong section...


I'm a new shooter and just signed up for my first local match. The match starts at 5:30pm and has 4 stages, 4 squads, 10 spots in each. What I'm wondering is what is the correct procedure/etiquette for being unable to show up?


I get off work at 4pm, but there's always a chance I get forced for overtime. It's a small local match, but I'm still taking up a spot if I'm unable to make it. Is it better to just withdraw and attend when I have a full day off? I won't know if I can't make it till I get to work that day. Should I try and make contact if I can't attend? I don't want my first exposure to frustrate whoever is running it.

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14 minutes ago, Sarge said:

By all means contact the match Director. Let them know everything you just said. Also if the match is on PS you can simply withdraw when you get to work and know you won’t make it.

Thanks! Yeah, i signed up on PS. I didn't know I could withdraw on the day of. Thanks for your response!

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Was this today, or later in the week? Are you able to talk to your boss and get a good idea of if you’re going to work or not? I would say if he tells you it’s a high probability that you’ll have to work, it’s probably worth withdrawing if the match is full. If the match isn’t full (I would check once a day or so up to the match) I would wait until you know more, or the match fills up. If your boss says it’s a low likelyhood that you’ll have to work I would wait even if the match is full, but as soon as it looks like you might have to work ot I would withdraw.

The way I look at it is you planned ahead and you got your spot, if there’s a chance you’ll get to shoot it, then you should wait and try and shoot it, but if there’s little chance you will you should give up your spot. That’s purely my opinion though.

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