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TTI +5 P320 X5 Legion Mags


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I have tried to find the answer but not having much luck.

Will the TTI +5 base pads on 17 round P320 X5 Legion mags fit the 140mm USPSA gauge?

I realize the mag tubes themselves could vary, causing the OAL to exceed 140mm BUT what is everyone else's experience?

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7 hours ago, Armedinmd said:

I have read the answer to be yes, but before you compete to check each mag.

This.  Most of my bone stock 21 rounders don’t fit the gauge without a little dremel work.

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If you are planning on going to Majors and therefore going through chrono, you have to gauge every mag and basepad. Period. There is a significant amount of variance on the length of the magazine tubes. This is true for every mag tube brand I've ever dealt with.  Cutting and folding sheet metal is not a particularly precise process. Machined aluminum basepads are almost always perfect. It's the tubes that change.

17 round tubes with a TTI +5 should fit the gauge. But some tubes are too long.

21 round tubes with a TTI +2 (or Springer +2) should fit the gauge. But some tubes are too long.


See the pattern?


If you have tubes that are too long, you can file the feed lips, hammer the bottom lips (see the Atlas mag tuning video on their YT channel) or sell the tubes and buy new ones. Ideally, don't sell them here, sell them on some other tactical timmy forum where people don't care about 0.5 mm differences on their mag tubes.

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As Clang says, you should check each and every mag on the gauge. Just because the website states it fits the requirements, there are manufacturing variances that we all got hit in the face with on the 21 round X5 mags.


The $20 or whatever the gauge costs from BSPS or Springer is worth it to not get DQ'd at a major or moved up to Open for bad mags.


Henning's +6 states it's legal, but I'll be checking each one after I assemble them just to be sure.

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I just got my DAA mag gauge and saw this thread. So thought I'd share my experience.

I have 4 Legion mags with the tti +5. You have to push so hard and it's still not perfect so I'd say all 4 of my mags fail. Or right on the edge of not wanting to risk it. As mentioned though it could be filed down with very minimal effort. With my mag gauge I ordered 3 of the henning +6 since I liked the squared front. And those fit the gauge with some tolerance. The Hennings are expensive and dont include a spring. But with the factory spring and fallower I was able to fit 23. With good spring tension on the last round. 

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