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Ruger Mark IV 22/45 lite holster


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I’m looking for a kydex/plastic holster for my Mark IV 22/45 “lite” with Vortex “venom” sight. I’m not interested in the “black dog” holster as my daughter has one for her gun and it is too tight/too long for mine. I can’t seem to find any online and was hoping someone knew of somebody that makes “custom molded” kydex holsters. I’m even willing to send them my gun for molding if needed. Thanks for any info/help that anyone can offer. 

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Thanks but all they have is the “black dog” holsters for it. Probably will have to get one made for it. 

15 minutes ago, RangerTrace said:

I have that exact gun/optic combo for my kid, but haven't looked for a holster.  I'd bet Red Hill Tactical makes one.......


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6 hours ago, Mban2 said:

Do any of the holsters work well for competition?  Or are they mostly made to secure the gun on your hip as you walk around the woods?

The kydex  holster from Tandemkross works well for matches.  You can walk around and know your gun is secure but when you want to pull it out there is no problem  You can also adjust it for  tension.


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