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Wilson Combat CQB Elite Commander in 9mm


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I have this 10 round gun.


This is from the IDPA rule book:


8.2.2 Enhanced Service Pistol Division (ESP)
Handguns permitted for use in ESP must:
A. Be semi-automatic.
B. Use 9 mm (9x19) or larger cartridges.
C. The unloaded firearm with the heaviest magazine must weigh 43.00 oz. or less.
D. The firearm with the largest magazine inserted must fit in the IDPA gun test box measuring 8 ¾” x 6” x 1 5/8”.


Under C, does that mean with or without the bullets in the mag?



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I have a 9mm Wilson Combat 9mm 1911 “Protector” (old model) pistol with 5" barrel, without a FLGR,.  It has G10 DualTec grips with a TechWell nickel plated “IPSC Carry” magwell. 


With a Dawson Precision 10-round magazine inserted and the gun and magazine empty, it weighs 42.6 oz.


Yours should easily make the limit, as mentioned by RangerTrace.

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