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Help timing taccom comp

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Guys.  Just received a taccom compensator.  They provided a washer which seems to be just a boiler plate washer not a crush or jam nut.  When I put it on and hand tighten.  The “top” port is like at 1:00.   Should I just leave it, bear down on it some to get straight at 12 or get actual crush washer.   I shoot left handed FYI.  I say that as some folks claim comp may work base either at 11 or 1 o’clock.  

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Also consider if you really want to time the comp to be straight on the barrel or if you want to time the comp so the recoil gets straight into the shoulder, or at least so the dot moves only vertically. I prefer the latter, that usually means having the comp between 1 and 2 o'clock for me (seen from behind). My comp has only upward ports and I'm right handed. If I would  have the comp on straight then dot would move slightly sideways.

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