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Virginia International RaceWay

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22 minutes ago, SGT_Schultz said:

What events?  Car races?  USPSA? 


One would assume there are no shooting sports in a motorsports facility so an explanation would be nice.......

never been there but believe they did 3 gun and perhaps others.  at summit point raceway in wv they used to do uspsa & 3 gun but i believe the govt took over the range facility for training.

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SMD dropped out for reasons I don't know.


Veteran's 3 Gun has stepped up, they are growing literally ground up. They held a classifier match last month to raise funds for props and whatnot. The first monthly USPSA match is set for April, I believe registration opens today. https://practiscore.com/veterans-3-gun-team-1500-uspsa-april-match/register


No idea if they plan anything beyond USPSA at VIR.


They post on NC section and Area 6 FB pages.

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Thanks you two for the nice responses. Reason I asked is becasue I was watching a supergrandchamp video with Chris Tilley and they had matches there a couple years ago. Plus I dont recall seeing anything on practiscore. Their map view is not that nice to use. 


Trying to find all the matches around me and plan out my next couple of matches to go and try out. 

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