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Went back to the old RCBS

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I only have my 650XL setup to load 9mm's. I had upgraded to it from an older progressive RCBS press. I needed to load some 40, which I don't shoot much anymore. My main reason for upgrading was to get a case feeder, which is not an option on my RCBS setup. Switching back sure reinforced what a good decision that was! Having to feed in a case and bullet on each stroke of the loader really slows things down. I loaded up 400 .40's and it was SLOW going. If I loaded a little more 40, I'd probably think about getting the 650 setup for it. But it costs me nothing but time to swap presses and these 400 rounds will last me all year probably. So not worth it.


Sure was nice to get back on the 650. Cranked out 400 9's in half the time of the RCBS. That'll last me for a week.

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14 hours ago, Sigarmsp226 said:

I have my 30 year old Rock Chucker sitting on my bench beside my 650 for the same reason - load development and those small batch runs in a different caliber....Hard to beat the old work horse single stage but sure love what Dillon has done on the progressive side reloading....

As I mentioned, my RCBS is a progressive press, but still so much slower to load with. I think they call it the "load master". I don't think I have the patience for a single stage. Never owned one.

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