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Accurate 2230 bad lot????


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I have been reloading 2230 and 2460 for a few years, both are spherical powders with very similar results.  I just opened an 8lb jug and loaded about 300 rounds before I noticed that the 2230 powder was a small grain and not spherical.  In fact it looks exactly like CFE pistol.  I sent an email to Accurate with a pic of the lot sticker.  Im scared to shoot off a round.  


Has anyone else come across this using 2230?

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AA 2230 is made in Blegium and is identical to Ramshot X-Terminator. 2460 is an American made version that was designed to have a bit slower burn rate. In the future you might want to try Ramshot TAC. It will get you the velocity you want with great accuracy without having to use Max Charges. All of these powders are spherical. You shouldn't be seeing large grain size variations with 2230/X-Terminator.😉

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