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Been using a 510c in red as right now that's the only thing I can see.  Problem is my floaters are all over the place. The reason I'm using the 510c is that if I can see part of the Circle/Dot I'm good to go. Just wondering if the green is better.  My biggest problem is if the sun is at my back and I have to shoot a white steel popper the red gets washed out.  Any help from old guys is appreciated.

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My issue is that I don't have random floaters.  My floaters came down from the top of the eye like a curtain.  Been thru two laser treatment's and they help but it's not like I'm 40 any more.  Gota feeling I'm going to have to deal with it.

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11 hours ago, phoenixsomd said:

I have the Green version and under all conditions it is much easier to see/use. My distance is still 20/20 or better so target focus with the 65moa circle is a great combination.

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Thanks, think I'll give it a try.

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I'm beginning to get floaters as well.  Love them dots, allow us old farts to stay in the game.  I have the 510C green on my PCC, it works well for me.  I usually keep it on the dircle/dot, allows quicker acquisition.  Best of luck!

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I was shipped a green by mistake. It's much easier for me to pick up; since the first one I've begun switching to that color when available.

It sounds like you're having the results of an eye condition; have you tried a fixed etched reticle to see if it's the glass screen causing it, or the lighting itself?

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