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Advice on PCC Upper Configuration

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Out of pure peer pressure I'm building a PCC for some local steel matches. Im doing this on the cheap and with considerable AR parts lying around I'm going the AR-9 route.

So first let me overview what I'm working with so you guys can analyze my questions:  

Lower; a complete Anderson I have for my 300 ACC, POF  trigger group, carbine length buffer tube with 5.56 carbine spring & H2 buffer. Will be using a Stern Defense Magwell adapater block to accept M&P0/P320 mags as I don't own a glock but do own an M&P & P320...cut my expense for mags. 

Upper; 5.56 WMD NiB coated upper, 15" PCF slim hand guard,  Faxon 16" barrel and a KAK Industry weighted BCG. (based on my research the KAK BCG seems to be a good choice in the more affordable $100-$125 range. 

My questions: What combo generally is the best way to go on the recoil setup? What power factor eliminates finicky function between bullet weight changes between 124 to 147? Should I switch to a .308 spring from 5.56? Swap the H2 to an H4/9mm specific buffer?, Leave or remove the BCG weight? 

My goal, if achievable, is to get this setup to run reliably with a the same powder (most likely WSF as I have tons of it) but with bullet weights ranging from 124's up to 147's, coated or jacketed. Im trying to prevent having to adjust between bullet weights and not beat on the internals either.  I'm basically gonna run this thing as the ammo disposal unit and chew up all the different partial boxes of bullets I've accrued over the years while just having carefree fun...hopefully without changing anything.

Ive never messed with AR PCC's so I have no idea what works or doesnt. Or how finicky or forgiving they may be. So whatever info/experience you have is appreciated.



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Because everyone has a slightly different way of building the 9mm PCC, they can be finicky and incompatible. As a bullet hose, an overweight buffer and stiff spring should get you there though for normal operation. The more you do to flatten out recoil, the more... gamer-ish the gun will become. Mine shoots great on splits with little dot movement, but I'm shooting a tailored load. I have a short stroke kit with an oversized plug so my hardware reciprocates even less than normal, my LRBHO isn't even installed in the gun (nor is my bolt stop). If you're wanting to spray and have some range fun, a Ruger PCC and a couple of cheap ETS Glock-pattern mags will yield you a low-recoiling, low-effort gun that's fun to shoot, utilitarian, and will eat anything you feed it. It's not the fastest in the world, but it's durable, cheap, accurate, and a great truck gun with the takedown feature. 

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