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Metronome Dry Fire Drill


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I'm a new handgun shooter and have been reading Steve Anderson's Get to Work book. He has a drill in which you set a metronome to 150bps and dry fire your pistol at that rate.


I have a 1911 and he said don't bother racking the slide, just keep pulling the trigger back at 150 pulls per minute. I'm not a competitive shooter....yet...so I'm still learning. What I found was each time I pulled the trigger back, the gun moved a fraction. When I just do a single dry fire pull when the hammer is cocked, as far as I can tell, the gun doesn't move at all. I can do 20 dry fires in a row like that, racking the slide each time, and the gun doesn't move.


My question is, when I'm just pulling the trigger back at the rate of 150bpm, should the gun be completely still? Is it even physically possible to keep the gun still pulling the trigger at that rate when the hammer isn't cocked? I was applying what I believed to be the proper grip pressure during the exercise but the gun still moved a bit. If the gun is moving when I believe I have the right grip pressure, does it mean I'm putting too much force on the trigger pull?



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I would say that the goal is to pull the trigger without moving the gun.  You do want to pull the trigger hard enough to cause the pistol to fire.  Work on keeping a good grip.  You are probably putting the correct amount of force on the trigger to engage the pistol with live fire.  I would say that this drill in particular (as well as all dry fire drills) you want to reinforce with live fire. 

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