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180 grain bullet profile question?


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In general, I would say, "yes"... but sometimes there isn't a noticable difference.

I had 180gr TC bullets that would feed in all but 2 guns. Switching to 200gr RN solved the feeding issues (my bullet vendor didn't have 180gr RN), but the 170gr SWC bullets that I use now feed even better.

Buy a sample pack (or 100) of the various bullets that you want to try, seat them in dummy rounds at various lengths, remove the recoil spring and guide rod from your pistol and hand cycle them. You'll feel which ones feed better than others. I've heard this referred to as "Enos tuning".

If you have 1911s or 2011s, you may need to remove the disconnector, also, as the bump of the slide engaging the disconnector can feel like a hiccup in feeding. Not sure if this is true of other guns, though.

Once you have the length, work your load up like normal to verify velocity, accuracy and check for pressure signs.

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On 5/3/2020 at 2:23 PM, CZGeoege said:

Flat point....funny how that sounds... ever see a flat point??


Kinda like “round ball” in the muzzleloader world.... it’s a bit redundant haha


OP, I haven’t had any trouble with RN, TC, or RNFP feeding in a .40 as long as the OAL is correct. 


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