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Sig MPX accuracy/barrel abnormality

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My Sig MPX PCC Competition is about 5 months old and has probably 2000 rounds through it.  I load 115 grain bullets over Win 231 powder.  Here's my concern.  I was shooting the other day and everything was going along smoothly for the first 2 magazines.  On the 3rd magazine, I begin missing targets that I'm sure the C-more was on (Steel Challenge plates).  I go back to the bench and re-zero the gun and procede to shoot more.  Again I suffer questionable misses.  I checked the gun over and didn't find anything loose or out of place.  I examined the C-more for a loose lens or dot module, along with mounting screws, and everything seemed okay.  I re-zero again, and I notice the the dot in the glass, instead of being close to in line with the muzzle, seems to be about 2 feet to the right.  I took the gun apart and did a more thorough examination and noticed that about 5-6 inches from the end of the muzzle, there is a "dip" or very slight bulge in the rifling.  I can barely feel it on the outside of the barrel, but it is there.  Is this normal?  Is this the cause of my flyers and accuracy problem?  Thanks, Doug

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