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MBX barrel test

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Read the post on here about the MBX barrel not being able to group but decided to get one anyway. I figured enough time had passed. I picked up the last one Shooters Connection had in stock. I wanted to build a longer barreled PCC to compliment the upper I have with a Taccom ULW barrel. 

I got the upper assembled last night and went to the range this morning to do a little shooting. It’s still work in progress but I rough zeroed the upper in at 25 yards with Federal 115gr bulk for now. I’m going to load develop on the next trip and will fine tune later.  

Avg vel Federal 115 was 1308 FPS. 
Avg vel using my match pistol hand loads 966 FPS (1.15” OAL, blue bullets 147gr, 3.0 Titegroup)


Order of pictures:

-Hold over target with rough 25y zero using match pistol ammo through the MBX barrel

-Two 5 shot groups at 25 yards with Federal 115gr to test accuracy

-Factory test group 

-The setup.. the stock was supported with shoulder pressure. I’ll use a bench rest next time. 


ps I’m uploading from my phone so if the picture order is messed up I’m sure you can figure it out. 











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I can say my MPX PCC model is definitely finicky using coated bullets with different weights. With a supported offhand rest at 50 yards with a 6 MOA dialed down Cmore, averaging 130 to 132 power factor with the loads, Sport Pistol powder,IBE JE coated bullets and CCI standard pistol primers the average ( and consistent)results of (2) 5 shot center to center groups of each are as follows

145 rn,3.0 gr powder 1.1"

135 rn,3.3 gr powder  1.64"

130 rn, 3.5 gr powder  3.07"

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I have some 115 jhp rn v2 coming in from Everglades this week. I’ll work up a load around low to mid 3’s of Titegroup. 

What are you guys doing about cleaning the brake? After yesterday’s range session the brake is caked with carbon. Am I not supposed to use fast burning powders with coated bullets? 

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