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Unexplained - 650 skips decapping occasionally

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I'm scratching my head on this one.  Hoping some more brain power will help. 


Just converted to 9mm. Using RCBS carbide die.   Got everything dialed in and started reloading.  Out of 100 rounds, 2 cases moved from the sizer/decaper (station 1) to priming (station2) with the spent primer completely intact.  I checked the die and the decapping pin and both are solid.  Odd thing is I've moved the pin down twice but it's still happening.  Pin is below the die at least a half inch.  If I move the pin down much more there is interference on the down stoke. 


Is  it  just  a very sensitive adjustment?   Anyone experience this?



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I agree with the others, it is likely primer drawback. However, just know that Dillon learned of this and upgraded their dies with a spring loaded primer decapping assembly on their sizing dies. Now, I never get primer drawback anymore, it simply kicks the primer out. 


It is just one of many reasons I always recommend Dillon Precision. 

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I could not figure out my decapping issues that began suddenly.  I was getting finished rounds with old primers still in place.  Look what I found!  The .22lr case and stuck primer prevented primers from being fully pushed out.  The partially pushed out used primers would be set again on stage two when a new primer would reseat the old one.


I quickly adopted better brass cleaning and sorting practices after this situation.


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