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DG Bullets "New" 125gr profile bullets


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I'm swtiching to a new bullet supplier and did the usual tests and measures to see how they stack up.  I thought it might be helpful for newer reloaders to see what is involved in figuring out if a new bullet is promising or not.   Not an expert, but this is how I go about it.


I measured the weight of 12 randomly pulled bullets.













Average weight was 125.2 gr



Same bullets , measured the diameter;

Eleven were 0.3560, one was 0.3555.

Average was  0.3559"




I don't like coatings that color my fingers.  So these were rolled back and forth in hand for 30 seconds.  No green fingers.



I use a bullet feeder.  So just dumped in a double handful and let it run.  all went in without drama or any adjustments to the system.


Did "Plunk test" in a factory Tanfolio Lim Pro barrel {not reamed}.  

Pass plunk MAX OAL was 1.125" 

I would recommend a OAL target of 1.120". 

Ran about 50 at that OAL.


Set up a target at my normal red dot zero distance of 35 yards.



first 6 shots



Good enough for me!

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On 2/28/2020 at 8:21 AM, mpom said:

WRT DG bullets, how do you select bullet diameter? Does not seem like I am given an option on bullet diameter, tried calling, got voice mail and no response...

Thanks in advance,



I think they are just .3560.   That's what my guns prefer, so i never looked or asked for any other diameter.

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Just spoke with proprietor of DG bullets, said that while website has not been updated the new design is available for purchase, same price as 124 round nose. Just need to request it in the "notes" section. Same for alternate sizing. May be a while before site is updated to reflect its avaialability.


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I’ve got a weight / deviation comparison I did across about 10 different Bullets.  Most of the usual suspects in the coated, and then MG and Precision Delta for jacketed.  DG, Acme, Precision and Blues were in the coated from what I can recall (spreadsheet is at home ).  PM me if you want the spreadsheet.  

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2 hours ago, extremist said:

Ordered 1K and loaded some up.  Will try them on Monday and see how they shoot.  Thanks for the tip and info.

Tips and info are par for this website, one reason why I check it often!

Hat off to BE for making it happen.



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I ordered a case of the 125 new profile (i pay full price with the discount code).  Ordered this morning, ship notification today.  Fast service. The owner said he's busy as ...well, real busy! But working long hours to keep up.



Also...Just saw this update online..


2020 DG Bullets 9MM Master list.
Current stock and 1k prices!
Discount Codes Changing! "ap10" for 10% off Use before it expires!

Indicated by ***!

Call Shop or Email for off website orders and special profiles.
Many have asked! Here it is.

Email: dgbullets@gmail.com
Phone: 1-920-419-0661

Currently in RN BB
115 gr- 62per1k
124 gr- 68per1k
135 gr- 71per1k
***145 gr- 73per1k
***160 gr- call for pricing
Alternates Profiles
***125gr. CN  BB- 68per1k
147gr. FP  BB- 73per1k



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