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My New Volquartsen Scorpion Make-Over for Steel Challenge - Pictures Included


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First off please let me say that I LOVE this country and I LOVE the symbol of the American Flag and what it represents but I am not one that likes “flashy” items and prefer to be just one of those shooters in the crowd..... With that said I am now 60 years old and decided to thin the heard of several unused pistols from the vault to make room for a bucket list pistol I have wanted for several years....


I shoot a  Ruger MK3 22/45 Target Lite and have for four plus years so when I saw the opportunity to pick up this “grail gun” at it’s almost $400 below the normal going price (this model’s pricing is coming down due to the introduction of the Black Mamba Which is built on the Ruger MK4 frame design) and it was NIB, I jumped on the deal......

Remember what I stated previously - well off to Doug Leonard at HD Coatings and Firearms in Brownwood, TX this pistol had to go....Doug has done work for me on my firearms in the past so I know the quality of work and attention to detail he provides.....Allow me to show you what Moly Resin coating, in the hands of a professional, can do - and all for under $150 including return shipping......This finish is FLAWLESS....Now I have EXACTLY what I wanted...If you ever need any weapon finish work done, or just want to change the color of your firearms, contact Doug...He can do just about anything and any color you could think up....Also - this pistol was out of my hands for 8 days total - including shipping both ways....I will let my less than great pictures show you my newest beauty that will now get a C-More mounted on it for my first practice session this weekend...Enjoy... Mark













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6 hours ago, jrdoran said:

 any update @Sigarmsp226


JRdoran - Yes Sir - This set us is more accurate than I am.....From a rest at 15yds I can cover 10 shots with a dime....The one thing that I do not think I was ready for was the overall weight.  This set up is heavier than my Ruger MK3 22/45 Lite for sure but without a question in my first two sessions (200 rds per session) I did not have a single FTF or FTE.  I only shoot CCI 40gr Mini-Mags and they have performed flawlessly.....Thanks for asking about this follow up that I promised back in March...Now to get our monthly matches started back up again so I can show off y new toy....We hope to be back to shooting in May since we shoot the last Saturday of each month....Right now to early to know if we will get to start back in May or June.....Thanks again for asking about this....Mark




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Great summary.  Get rid of the iron sights  🙂  


We think alike !   I did not want a comp.  Grip tape is for my right hand thumb.  I'm a left handed shooter so I use it to help anchor it. 


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Thanks for sharing Jrdoran - I am gonna have to try the grip tape as I have some here (just have to find it).  The main reason I went with the comp. was because I have 4 rimfire suppressors and we enjoy shooting in the back yard (I live on 4 acres) but do not want to disturb the neighbors so it allows me to practice with a little extra weight on the pistol so that when I shot it without the suppressor the pistol feels a little lighter..... 

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When/if my 22/45 mk3 lite ever becomes an issue I'm going to get a scorpion. No way I'm going to a Mk 4 22/45. Just wish the VQs were a bit closer in weight to the LITEs but you get used to whatever you shoot so meh. 2lbs is a little hefty for a RFPO.


Good choice on the paint job! I also love the flag, but I'm not crazy about "Ameriflage" on guns.

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