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Foxtrot Mike FM9

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Any of you guys running the Foxtrot Mike FM9? Curious if they are reliable enough for PCC. I am looking for an AR style platform mainly just to get better at shooting a carbine type gun. I would rather spend my time shooting than clearing malfunctions though. 

Please share your experiences if you have any with the FM9. Thanks in advance 

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I have one that I got as a whole gun but sold the upper portion.  Use the lower with various 9mm uppers.  Robust and reliable with a good GCB.  Just make sure you keep the ejector set screws nice and tight.  I had to put lactate on mine as they loosened once and I got malfunctions.  After tightening/loctite, been dead-nuts reliable since.  I put a hyperfine trigger in it, works great.  TechWell also makes a nice flared mag well for it.

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I had been wanting to try pcc for a while but watching others struggle with their guns turned me off. First of the year I started researching building one because I didn’t want to spend $1500 to test the waters of pcc. Everytime Foxtrot Mike came up I noticed it was always positive. I bought a complete lower and 16” upper and snapped them together about a month ago. So far it’s been flawless. Trying to develop a load for it, it cycled everything from 130-148pf without an issue. I settled on a loaf of about 134pf. So far I have a little over 500 rounds through it that includes 3 matches. Still running it stock besides a polished mil spec trigger. I plan on trying a different buffer system down the road but for now I’m happy. I was a little worried about the polymer side charging handle but it’s robust and I don’t foresee it being an issue. The only thing I don’t really care for is how close the charging handle puts your finger to the top rail. When I unload to show clear for some reason I grab the charging handle from underneath and  my finger drags along the rail and gets cut.  No big deal and I should probably find a different way but I don’t think about it until I see the nick on my finger. 

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I have one built from their stripped lower and their complete 16" upper... It's great, and not "just for the money". FWIW, Foxtrot Mike licensed their lower design to Wilson Combat and a few other higher-tier "names" out there, which they then slap their logos on and then sell for a bunch more money... so that says something. IMHO probably the best option out there for getting into the PCC-thing.

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