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Why do I keep going thru primer indicator springs? 650

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I go thru these springs once every couple months! The last one it literally broke in half and not sure why!  The guy at Dillon gave me some

advice on what to do but it doesn’t seem like it will work. He said to change out the metal locator tab that rotates the primer assembly. I did just that on this time around but wondering if anyone else has experienced this. 

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8 minutes ago, m700 said:

I'm 10000 rounds in and haven't broken one. It's not automated is it?

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No it’s not. They said the metal piece that rotates the circle primer disc may be worn. I switched it out along with the new spring but I dunno. Thought it was strange. 

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One of the answers above I agree with. Look at the arm on the primer index pawl. If it's bent upwards it tends to kink the spring and break it. I have usually just removed it and hammered it back to flat. Worked fine. 


There are 3 places on the 650 where springs are used in a curved service rather than tension or compression they are designed for. All three are weak points in the design of the press but they allow some flex of parts that might otherwise set off primer or crush a casing. Personally I ditched 650's and went to 1050's.  This was a major reason for that.


The 650 also has a lot of stamped parts that lead to failures in heavy use. The 1050's don't have such parts. The primer pawl is a good example.



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I've broken a few of those myself, and my primer indexer looks fine.  I've also broken a few of the shell plate indexer return springs.  They just wear out.  I can't tell  you round counts at each breakage but I've probably got about 50K on the press.

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