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match day mental fog after travelling


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I have noticed that if I travel to a match and stay in a hotel, or if I have to get up at 4:XX AM to get to a distant match, I can end up in a mental fog that just won't go away, and I end up shooting in a way that isn't anything like how I shoot a local match.  Usually it's a level 2 or higher match.  Insomnia + sleeping in a weird hotel bed doesn't help.  And I'm sure it's not nervousness.


I can't be the only one who has dealt with this.   More caffeine seems like a bad approach, but I do see some high performing guys drinking a 20oz can of jet fuel with breakfast.  What have you guys found to help with getting your mind sharp after the coma of a long drive or after a really bad night's sleep?     

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When I stay away from home for whatever reason, I always bring my own pillow and blanket, I also will take a small dose of melatonin, gaba and ZMA. All this helps me sleep well away from home.

I also try to continue eating my normal diet even if that means bringing my own food with me. Just try to keep everything as normal/consistent as possible.

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On 2/25/2020 at 9:09 AM, obsessiveshooter said:


 if I travel to a match or  have to get up at 4:XX AM to get to a distant match, I shoot worse than I shoot a local match.  


An alternative :   Possible that distant matches (Level II) are more difficult than local matches,  and


                              Possible that the competition is fiercer at the Level II matches than at home.


So, we might be shooting just as well as at home, but facing more difficulties with the match design

and competition.   


Just a thought ...


I've travelled to distant matches and do NOT experience the problem you mentioned.


Even the one Nationals Match I attended a decade ago was some of my best shooting (only two

mistakes in the entire match) but the competition was fierce ....     :) 

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One option MIGHT be to tradel there earlier; if the match starts on Saturday travel on Thursday; might give you a chance to get settled in/acclimated and usually would give you ALL of Friday to walk the stages. 


Getting more time off from work, additional night of hotel, additional food might all be obstacles.

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I'm thinking it probably boils down to sleep for me, as I generally am kind of an insomniac.  I envy people who can konk out for the night in 10 minutes and stay asleep all night.  An extra night in the hotel before the match wouldn't hurt if I can swing it.  And I might actually have one of those ridiculous energy drinks on standby if needed.  

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