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Can I have my wife ship me my gun and mags?

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I had to leave my home state of NC to go to FL in a hurry when my dad went into the hospital.   I've been here for 2 weeks,  and want to shoot.


I want to have my Pistol and mags, shipped to me,  is this possible?   My belt was already in my truck,  but nothing else.


Ship it to an FFL?, 


Does it have to ship from an FFL?


Anyone had to do this?

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8 hours ago, SGT_Schultz said:

Why don't you just fly home for a weekend, get some nookie, and bring the heater with you?

This was my original plan!....  We all have needs...


Then My wife tells me her work is sending her to CA for the next 10 day (starting Tuesday).....


My dad's Friend says he has the same gun (G17) but with no optic....  I may just order a couple extra mags and use that till I fly home on the 10th


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