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What to do with early M&P Pro?


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I have a M&P Pro in 9mm that I purchased new sometime around 2009-2010, just about the time folks were discovering some were wildly inaccurate. IIRC mine wasn’t horrible, but not great. Folks were sending them back to S&W but not reporting much improvement. Apex and others were going to provide an aftermarket fix but not sure if that game to fruition. Seems like it didn’t. 


I jumped on the CZ bandwagon early and put it aside. 

I may get it back out and see how accurate it is. 

Did S&W ever come up with a remedy?  Do they warranty it?  If so, how inaccurate does it have to be before they will fix it? (it’s a 10 year old gun, I wouldn’t be mad if S&W says I waited too long)

Is there an aftermarket barrel that fixes the problem?



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On 2/23/2020 at 4:03 PM, ramnj said:

I put the Apex barrel in mine and the Apex flat trigger. use it in USPSA CO.

VERY accurate!  




On 2/23/2020 at 8:15 PM, bigfish said:

I have a kkm barrel that shoots good with lighter bullets. I have a apex barrel that shoots good with everything 


On 2/23/2020 at 12:33 PM, NoSteel said:

Apex barrel is the way to go!!.


On 2/23/2020 at 8:42 AM, saab said:

I have both the first and second generation M & P pros. 
An Apex barrel, in both my pistols, will shoot inch and a half groups all day long if you do your part.


Thanks everyone. For those Apex barrel recommendations-
Semi-Drop fit, or g.unsmith fit?

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The Apex SDI barrel requires the slide & barrel to move backward roughly three times as far before the two can unlock, and gets fitted to your slide much more tightly than stock . It’ll fix the problem.

Just ensure you fit it *tight* - meaning it takes a firm smack on the back of the slide to fully seat the slide if it isn’t racked hard. 500 rounds later, it’ll fit perfectly and go into battery like butter.

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Apex has made a change recently to the semi fit barrels. I have 2 older M&P pros, got first Apex barrel a couple years ago and it wouldn't go in either slide. Had to remove material in every spot to get it to fit. Got a second barrel about 2 weeks ago and it dropped in without touching it.

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Even the "gunsmith fit" barrel is easy to fit. Only two areas  need filing/stoning, the barrel hood length, so barrel drops into upside down slide and the pad under the barrel, prolonging duration of lockup as MM said above. If the semi fit drops in then maybe its undersized in some dimension for that particular gun. I would recommend the GS fit barrel, as you don't need to 

be a gunsmith to fit it and you will get max accuracy benefit.



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Interesting I have the almost same story.  Bought mine around 2009 when there were very positive reviews on the internet.  Seemed to be the gun to have for production.  Only ran a few boxes through it.  Moved to NY and left it with my parents.  Left NY 10 years later and decide to start shooting again. I get on the web and discover it doesn’t have a good rep.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it.  Get an apex barrel or just cut my losses and get something else.  Perhaps a Glock 34.  Haven’t decided yet 

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10 hours ago, BSwanson said:

Thank you for the comments.  How is the apex accuracy with coated bullets?   I reload blue bullets.  Right now I have 147 gr. With sport pistol. 


The Apex barrel is more accurate, particularly with heavier bullets, but mine had a very short leade so I bought a Clymer throat reamer and took care of that. 

You said your M&P was from 2009 so something you'll have to be aware of is sear flutter.  The early sear springs were smaller and would weaken with use and miss the striker during reciprocation...... so you had a dead trigger.  In 2011 or 2012 S&W finally went to a larger sear spring to fix this issue.  Apex can help you out by upgrading your sear spring & housing on the older guns.

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