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TACCOM 10/16 Super Feed Barrel - pretty great!

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So...  I had an older thread on here where I was whining that I could not get my QC10 lower & multiple uppers to run with JHP.  It seemed like the only setup that would run Jacketed Hollow Point ammo was a complete JP GMR setup.



Executive summary:

I bought @TRUBL (TACCOM's) 10/16 super feed barrel on launch day and it works with JHP!  I am as happy as a clam after all the personal drama : )


If you run round nose then this may not be a big deal, but if you run JHP do give this bad boy a try.


Bedtime story:

So in response to my old thread asking for advice, I was going to wait for Shooting Innovations to get back from SHOT SHOW (and maybe a coupon), but in the meantime I was talking to TACCOM to inquire about their comped shrouds and what length I should buy to make a 10" barrel legal (aka. non NFA).  I kicked the tire for a few days bugging and harassing Tim (Tim is always a good sport and treats me right.)  I am glad I did wait a few days because the day I was about to pull the trigger, Tim releases his 10/16 super feed barrel like he read my mind : ).  It was exactly what I wanted.


I paid for this barrel and did not get any compensation or special deal of any kind in exchange for a favourable review.  I was also not asked for a review at any time.  I DID get great service but that is standard for TACCOM.


On his website he makes this claim. 

The Multi angle PATENT PENDING extreme feed ramp will allow the use of hollow point ammunition and support the front of the glock magazine.

I lifted an eyebrow on this one.  Pretty bold claim in my experience since I was tearing my hair out in the past.

I have had Tim's previous (wide fan shaped) extreme feed barrel, and have had issues ranging from the bullet getting stuck just above the feed ramp or a 45 degree jam where the bullet would get stuck on the top of the chamber.  If I did not get a jam on the first round, I couldn't get through ten rounds without experiencing a bottom or top of chamber jam (the bullet never made it into the chamber at all).


To be completely fair, I had 45 degree jams (top of chamber) jams even with complete JP uppers. 


So Tim has this new out of the box device TOP RAMP design.  Mad science stuff.  OK sure...  I was willing to try it and I trusted Tim.

The new barrel seems to have a new (lower) feed ramp design.  Hand polished, less wide, less flared, and seems like a different angle??  Almost looks like their original (narrow) ramped barrel with the exception that you do not need to chamfer the bottom part of your bolt.


Note:  The top of your bolt needs to be milled out in order to interface with the top ramp.


My build is as follows:

QC10 lower, Hiperfire 24C trigger, QC10 upper, 10/16 TACCOM barrel, original JP GMR13 bolt, cheap ass handguard.

Note on handguard:  measurement from front face of upper reciever to the back of the first comp port is 9.25".  So a 9" handguard is ideal unless you want to cut your handguard.


Initial Buffer system:

Wave spring, delrin spacer (length is $2 worth of quarters), JP 308 carbine spring & Blitzkrieg buffer.

(I tried it with the extreme short stroke setup that runs with my JP GMR 13.)


The bullets cleared the ramp but I got jams on the top of the chamber as per usual, however it seemed that the top "super feed ramp" did some work and it was able to force more of the bullet in the chamber but not enough.  In the past it did not make it in the chamber, but this time it did, but not enough).  Instead of a 45 degree jam, I'd say 20 degree jam?  It was doing a bit better than before but still jammed.  Being frustrated and defeated again, I was about to turn it in, but the RO who ran me mentioned "It seems as if there isn't enough time for the bullet to go into battery and its getting stuck."


I was kind of stunned at the comment and I never would have thought of it.  So, I modified my setup.


Changed Buffer system:

Wave spring, 2 quarters, JP 308 carbine spring & Blitzkrieg buffer.


Result = I ran the barrel with 500 rounds and only had one 45 degree jam.  I dunno what that was all about, and I felt irked about it but frankly I was overjoyed.  Compared to the past this setup really ran well!  I was very very happy to finally put this beast to rest.  I had regretted buying a QC10 project lower and was frustrated I could not get it to work with JHP but all is well now.


Now that I know it runs I will test to see just how much I can short stroke it by adding more quarters.


I use Precision Delta 115 gr JHP.  I typically load it to 1.115".  I did notice that in cycling live rounds, rounds that measured 1.120" OAL would get stuck in the chamber and hard to eject.  In live fire it did not seem to be an issue.


The barrel is accurate.  I shot at steel at 20 yards and the bullets were in a nice cloverleaf from an impromptu rest.

I have not tested the effectiveness of the comp.  My support hand index finger is filthy tho.

The guys at the club were really digging this new barrel and asked where to order it, I for one am happy it runs with JHP.  It's like a heavy load off my shoulders.  THANK YOU!  Thanks Tim for taking care of me, always!



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Great review.  One thing to note regarding the modification to your bolt. Tim states on his website that they will do this for you free of charge. 

Can't agree enough that Tim is excellent and their customer service is great. 


I have the 16" ULW barrel with the super feed and top ramp it has made a huge difference. Definitely fast on the transitions in Steel Challenge.



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The shorter handguard takes some getting used to, again...  It feels like 2006 all over again : )

In my excitement I bought a 10" handguard before I got the barrel, only to find it was a bit too long, but I like the chopped up hot rod look of it now.




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9 hours ago, mellino19 said:

How are the recoil characteristics of this setup and what PF are you running?


I've seen some guys run SBRs but unsure of their PF and there's quite a bit of muzzle rise when compared to 14.5-16" setups.


It shoots flatter and softer than my SBRs. I guess it has to do with the additional weight of the comp/extension, plus all them ports.

I'm running Syntech 130gr and Impact Ammo 135gr.

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+1 more that is really happy with this barrel. 

I shot it against a 16" ULW taccom and a 16" JP barrel/brake and this 10/16" barrel and i think it might become my new preference (and it looks neat).  The uppers were all shot on the same lower which is a PSA with a taccom 3 stage buffer system.  My informal testing consisted of shooting a bunch of pairs on paper at 10yds as quick as i could pull the trigger in all kinds of positions (leans, ports, moving, etc).  Before i put this 10/16 upper together this week, i preferred my 16" JP barrel/brake combo over my 16" ULW taccom upper since the 16" ULW upper was too jumpy for me.  This 10/16 upper feels very similar to handling my 16" ULW upper as far as being light weight but shoots as flat as my 16" JP barrel (maybe flatter but i need more testing). For a handguard i used a 10" alg V0 that was on clearance for $40 and then cut an angle on the end to clear the gas ports. 

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Mine arrived this week and I ran about 500 rounds through it running drills...


All I can say is DAMN... This is by far my favorite barrel so far. Runs absolutely flat and fast. The weight reduction up front makes it almost as fast in mounting and transitions as the ULW barrel, but the ample Comp keeps the muzzle stable. 

I had just purchased the 13.5” barrel and have ran about 100 or so rounds through it, but I think I’m going to just sell it and buy another 10/16. 


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Wonder if they plan on selling the comp alone for those who already have a 10.5” barrel lying around?


i have a 10.5” I thought of doing an SBR build with, then decided to order a lightweight extension from Taccom but this new 10/16 has me thinking. Especially the post above comparing it to a JP 16” barrel - which I currently run.

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On 3/14/2020 at 12:06 PM, mellino19 said:

Wonder if they plan on selling the comp alone for those who already have a 10.5” barrel lying around?


i have a 10.5” I thought of doing an SBR build with, then decided to order a lightweight extension from Taccom but this new 10/16 has me thinking. Especially the post above comparing it to a JP 16” barrel - which I currently run.

No sir.....the brake is threaded 5/8-24

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52 minutes ago, cecil said:

anyone care to share some load data using 115 gr /  124 gr  bullets with a 10-16 Taccom barrel ?  please include PF if possible..




With 4.1 gr of Shooters World Clean shot I'm getting 1,120fps with a Montana Gold 124gr CMJ or roughly the same with a 124gr. PD JHP for 137pf.


Interestingly enough, 10" seems to be the sweet spot with this load.  a 14.5" barrel give me about 1,105fps, while the 5" ULW barrel gives me 1,065-ish or about 132pf.


With the top and bottom feed ramps, the JHP is pretty reliable with Glock OEM mags, but you can feel it drag every now and then.  It feels like I could eliminate that problem if I played around with OAL, but I'm lazy.  Now, with the MBX Steel Glock mags, JHP feeds slicker than owl snot and without issue.

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