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986 Used Value


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You know what's better than 7 shots for steel challenge? 



...8 shots for steel challenge


I'd recommend skipping over the 7 shot variants entirely and pickup an 8 shooter. 

A 627/929 can be found between the 700-900 mark easy. 

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Ive got a 686 pro 7 shot, Decent for pins, 8 would be better. 
I would say that price is way to high. Due to basically it being a niche gun they will probably never move. 
At least with mine it makes a good ranch , deer , pig gun. 9mm revolver is kinda a gamer only gun, but being 7 shots it isnt really good at any games.
Offer them 5 and leave your number,

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5 hours ago, GMM50 said:

The 7 shots (9MM and 357) are build on a smaller frame than the 8 shots.

That might be a reason to buy.

USPSA only put 6 downrange and then reload.  Puts you in a different category.


USPSA 8 shooters dominate 6 and 7 will not be competitive 

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