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vihtavuori 320 powder .357 magnum


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What is your goal?


Vihtavuori doesn't list exactly what you want. A couple of jacketed 158gr bullets only, with N320.


For reference:

I have loaded some plated 158gr Truncated Cone and Flat Round Nose bullets. Plated behaves more like lead bullets than jacketed.

The latest I've tried is:


H&N .357" 158gr copper plated TC

Winchester Small Pistol Primers

6.6 gr N320

Cartridge Overall Lenght 39,4mm (about 1.55") Which is shorter than standard.


I'm thinking that this load needs a little more powder: primers don't flatten much at all, I still get a pretty sooty gun after firing a hundred.

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What revolver do you have?

What cases do you have?


Vihtavuori has data for 38 Special, too, and with different overall lengths. There, the strength of the lightest 38 Special revolvers is the limiting factor.


The suggestion to get some manuals is good. There's also material available online.






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I think you'd be better off using a different powder(W296, H110) more suited for .357 magnum, magnum primers, and not using lead bullets.Lead bullets, unless they're extremely hard cast, will cause a lot of leading.

And using a powder like N320, where you'll only use a few grains of powder in a very large case, will give inconsistant ignition and leave a sooty residue.

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