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124gr Flat point bullet for major


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4 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:


I believe it's a Glock.

Anyone got anything as I have a STI and a ton of 124gr FP bullets.”



My suspicion is that he’s loading at 1.115” because that’s what the Glock recipe was, and his gun will likely feed ammo far longer than that. In which case, he should lengthen his reloads.


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Sooooooory. Been out. Cleared projects and zero reception makes for crap comms.
FPS is just past major but some real hot wham. 
Decided to shelve the FP and use the bullets for something else. Thanks y'all for the help!

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Just came across this thread and thought I would add what I am using.  I am shooting the following though an STI DVC Open:


  •  Berry 124gr FP Hollow Base Thick Plate Bullet
  •  7.9 gr HS-6
  •  WSP Primer
  • COAL:  1.10 (remember this flat point makes it measure shorter than if it were a RN)

My last chrono session showed an average of 1429 giving a PF of 177.  The comp works well at this and I don't worry about a sample missing major.  The lowest I measured out of the 10 shots I chrono'd last came in at 1402 with a PF of 173 so I still have a nice margin.





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