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38 sc with autocomp


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I now use 3n38 very clean, sometimes hard to get, friend shot someone’s 38sc with autocomp had great things to say, always willing to try something else, never know. However, seems every open gun is set up somewhat different, comps, holes, springs, etc. etc. we shall see pound of autocomp is worth the effort.

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9 hours ago, Balakay said:

  if you shoot 38sc, why not take advantage of the case capacity and shoot a slower powder?




I use WAC in my 9mm Major so I have room in the case for a bullet,

despite the fact that slower powders offer a large benefit in terms

of muzzle rise.


You don't have that problem with .38 Super.


You are accepting the disadvantage of .38 Super (buying brass) AND

the disadvantage of WAC - too fast a powder to work the comp.

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