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Compensator for Czechmate

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I bought one of kneelingatlas's custom made comps.  It is significantly larger than the factory comp.  Made of aluminum so it makes the nose of the gun very balanced by taking a bit of weight out of that end of the gun.  I've only ever shot my Czechmate with that comp on it. 

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The question you have to ask yourself is WHY do you want to change the comp. To my knowledge, that’s aren’t any mass produced compensators for the CM out there. I purchased the one from Kneeling Atlas. I do not recognize much difference in flatness, however, there is a huge difference in handling as the issue has always been that the Czechmate is nose heavy and the aluminum comp is the answer, making an improvement in transitions. Overall, I am very happy with the kneeling atlas comp, but it is only a little flatter than the stock, so it really depends on what you are looking for in a comp replacement. 

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1 hour ago, GraveyMaker said:

I'm new here but looking for a comp for my tso. Can you direct me to kneeling atlas comps? 


@kneelingatlas, had those comps made, but they are not a drop in fit for the TSO. They are M14x1 threaded to match the Czechmate barrels. You would need to look at this thread for how to chop the slide and fit the comp, plus with the TSO's long dust cover you would also need to clearance the comp or front portion of the frame rails to give the comp room to cycle. 


Alternatively,  Kneeling mentioned  in another thread (link below) that the Lone Wolf Glock comp drops right in with the CZC 1/2x28 threaded barrel (https://czcustom.com/czc-brl-thrd-9mm-ts.html) and should clear the frame on the TSO without modification, so you could check that out as an option. 



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