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New M2 3G hangs up on Brenekee slugs


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I have a very new M2 3G model.  Added tube extension and swapped out lightened bolt and carrier assembly from another M2.  This new gun w. used BCG, last slug is hanging up coning out of tube.  A push to bottom of carrier gets things rolling again.  Gun might just need breaking in more.  Runs w. 1 1/8 @ 1145 bird shot and runs RIO and Fiocci Low-recoil slugs.... just hangs up w. last slug.  


Any ideas?


Should swapping BCGs matter?



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1 minute ago, dauntedfuture said:

Its a Brand new spring    Could it be too long?


9-12” past end of tube right?


the rio and fiocci slugs are all the same length as are most all brenekee type slugs   No issues w same slugs in other two m2’s

I do not cut the spring at all. Get a new spring and don’t cut it. I’d guess that will solve your problem. 
it’s a helluva lot cheaper to try this than buying new slugs to test out

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