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38 HBWC load (Berry's plated)


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Getting back into reloading after several years off, and am looking for a decent target load. I've ordered a bunch of the Berry's 148gr plated HBWC, but am not finding a lot of info regarding a good powder and charge for this. Berry's site lists a max velocity of 1250fps  (which seems high to me for a HBWC).  A lot of people recommend Bullseye for wadcutters so I checked out the Alliant site. It recommends 3.1 grains for a Speer 148 HBWC (lead) at 799fps (doesn't specify if this is max or min).  I'm finding examples of people who have had issues with plated bullets getting stuck in the barrel using lead data especially with HBWC so it's got me a bit paranoid about starting with 3.1grains of Bullseye. Any suggestions, or particular load data? I'm not married to Bullseye.

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