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New guy from northeast Oklahoma


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I’m new here. My name is Isaac

been lurking the forum off and on the last 5 years or so. Finally able to get into competition figured it was actually time to make an account. 

just bought a new cz shadow 2 that I plan to take with me on my first competition at the us shooting academy in owasso ok. Not sure what I’m going to try my hand at first either steel challenge or one of the uspsa classes. Idpa looks fun but my gun in stock configuration isn’t aloud.


im going to go without any fancy gear At first I’ve got my leather gun belt and 5 mags and some homemade mag pouches along with a kydex holster I made myself and a safariland gls holster firgured if one doesn’t work or is illegal I’ll have the other. Figured after a match or two maybe I’ll have it figured out on what I want 

anyway look forward to any comments and a bug thanks in advance because I’m sure I’ll have questions 


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Man it sounds like you are well on your way! That’s a super nice pistol you picked up! It will serve you well in both steel challenge and USPSA. Be warned though, competition shooting is a black hole from which there is no escape! Haha. Have fun and be safe out there!

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