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So, I want to get into USPSA production ASAP but want to purchase a gun to get me started for the next few years.  I currently own a P229 and a Beretta 92 but dont want to shoot either aside from the first few matches, and would like a different full size gun to use.  Recently, I shot a CZ Shadow2 and fell in love with it but the da/sa trigger concerns me for one reason.  Currently, my issued gun is a 320 X compact and which I carry daily.  Ive put about 5000 rounds through it since last year and am very comfortable with the striker trigger.  As a result, I was considering purchasing the 320 Legion X5 based on having a similar trigger vs my finger going back from DA/SA to SIG Striker.  What are your thoughts on carrying one style, training on that for work, and then having a different style trigger for a match gun?  Any help from anyone especially someone in a similar situation of carrying one gun but shooting another with a different style trigger is greatly appreciated.



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I shoot a 50 ounce OPEN gun with comp and optical sight in competition

and carry an 11 ounce KelTec P11 most of the time.


There is really very little similarity between shooting a 32 round COF against 16 targets,

all in bright sunshine, the targets don't move, you know where they are before you shoot

them, and most important - they are NOT shooting back, and being attacked without

warning, usually at night, by a single assailant who is moving fast.


One is a game - there you want a match gun.  The other is serious - you want a sturdy

gun with a heavier trigger.


I would buy the best match gun I could afford and practice with both guns often to

keep up your ability to hit a target quickly with either gun.


I believe you will learn enough with the match gun that your shooting with the service

weapon will improve, not drop.


Just MHO.    :) 



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Some switch easily between different types of guns - others find it impossible to shoot a Glock after getting used to a 1911.

It is hard to give a definite answer. You absolutely need to be able to use your carry/duty gun instinctively. Enough practice with it will probably do it.


I can draw and get a sight picture just fine with 1911, Glock, and a Ruger GP100. However.....

It has been a month since I last fired a shot, so I have been dryfiring. Mainly with a 1911 from a sport holster. I also did some dryfire where I was drawing from under a sweater and racking the slide. The other day, I did the same thing with the GP100. The first time I drew it from under a sweater, I went for "racking the slide"....



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I under stand your concern

my Duty gun was a S&W 5906 and my supplemental was a 3913, I’m a strong believer in KISS, but my main division I shoot is open with a 50oz red dot, huge mag well etc and it worked for me simply because the 5906 is pretty similar in grip angle, SA trigger reset and with the exception of the safety all the controls are in the same place. I was able to switch back and forth easily, in fact I shot my box stock duty gun in limited for years and got a B classification, it damn near got me to A

right before I retired we switched to the sig p320 and all of that went right out the window, the guns were just too different 

if I were you, I’d look at getting a x5 legion again keep it simple, less for the brain to process under stress


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Welcome to the forum Sir. You've nearly answered your own question.
Coming from an avid Shadow 2 shooter: I also think you should get the P320 XFive Legion, if it fits your hands well. I'm no longer in law enforcement so I carry a Sig P365 daily.

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Thanks everyone.  Another agent brought his legion to the range today and it fit my hand like a glove and the shot well so I will be getting one.  I dusted off my 229 and ran a practice qual with it and shooting the DA/SA felt foreign to me and a hell of a lot heavier than I remembered (despite carrying one for 12 years).  I have a match tomorrow so maybe someone can let me handle a shadow just to kill any doubt going this route as no stores locally stock them.

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