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P320 x5 and x5 legion guide rods and recoil spring weight


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Greetings Gang,

Does anyone know what the oem guide rods are made of in both the x5 and x5 legion?  I just picked up a 320 x5 and a x5 legion for my son and I.  I'm thinking about changing them out to add a little more weight up front for carry optics.  Also, what recoil spring do you guys recommend for a 135 gr poly projectile running about 130pf?  I'm under the impression that it seems the stock springs are a bit longer than the standard 1911 springs... To confirm that, SpringPrecision.com sells springs that are marketed as "extra long".  

What do you guys think?



I'm sure that this question has been asked, but I swear I did try using the search function.  

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The X5 Legion comes with a steel guide rod and two recoil springs. The 14# spring is what’s installed from the factory and the 12# is the spare. I’d recommend using the 12# recoil spring for your reloads.


The regular X5 comes with a captured type guide rod/recoil spring assembly unless you bought it used and the previous owner installed either the Springer or GG fat guide rod made of steel or the tungsten guide rod made by springer.


Im using a regular government size 1911 12# recoil spring in my gun.

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8 minutes ago, DirectDrive said:

This ^^^ (regular government size)

I wouldn't buy into that "extra long" hooey.



One of my original X5s wouldn’t go into battery with a 12lb spring. Worked fine for about 2500 rounds then conked out in the middle of a match. I had to push the slide back into battery with my thumb between shots. 

The same gun works fine with an 12lb legion spring. 

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