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Consistent hand position on forend

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How does everyone maintain consistent positioning on the fore end of their PCC? I have been thinking about using something like the Magpul AFG. Is there some sort of device that I'm not familiar with? What options are out there, and how do they work for you?

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My rail is mlok, so I stick those BCM mlok rail cover thingys so my hand/palm is on it with my index finger indexing the empty mlok slot just in front of it. Skateboard tape is also great, if your rail isn’t covered in pic rail, you can just wrap it around where you want your hand to go, and then use a razor blade to cut out the slots so it doesn’t look ratchet AF.

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A small hand stop like JP sells would be an option. There is a guy I shoot with that actually runs a swivel stud on the left side of his handguard, and puts that stud between two of his fingers, at the web of his fingers, as an index point. I don't like running anything on the rails for my competition guns, so I have just gotten used to wrapping most of my fingers around the handguard, and using my index finger as a guide. I point my index finger at the target on the rail, and find the end of the handguard with the tip of my index finger, then the other three fingers wrap around the bottom and the thumb over the top of the rail. 



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Practice is the best to tool to use for consistency. I tried grip tape it’s a great reference point, but it’s slower if you miss your index point. It is also slower to slide your hand off if needed. Angled foregrips, broomsticks, tactical Timmy cut down vert grips all change where and what position your hand can be in. IMO find you stock position from collarbone to shoulder pocket, set your lop. Then find the best position for your support hand on the handguard and practice hitting that same spot over and over and over. 

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I just grab it where it's comfortable. I can't believe all those contorted looking positions I see some use are any better. Point your finger if you think it helps, but I don't.

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I have a short section of rail attached to my wife's and my PCC because we use a flashlights and bippds so often. Makes a nifty index point. Grip and stance play as much of a part to. 

Screenshot_20200214-140121_Video Player.jpg

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Im right hand dominant. I put a small rail section on the left side handrail and a Magpul textured rail cover section on the underside. My support hand thumb rides on the rail section pointing at the target and my support hand index finger wraps the textured rail cover section. These are both positioned so elbow has a slight bend in it for flexibility and transitioning with my thumb pointed at the target  the same as when I shoot a pistol. This keep index commonality across different platforms(rifle/pistol) Very consistent and quick to find when running from position to position. Rearward tension is basically from the strong hand grip pulling back with elbow tucked down. 

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This is keymod.  Light, unobtrusive acts as a mini baricade as well as allowing you to tension the rifle into the shoulder.   Maybe 2” long.  Midwest Industries. $5.  I can’t locate a similar Mlok version.

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