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Wolf small rifle primers


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6 hours ago, rishii said:

During the great primer famine I used wolf srp and hated them, they were harder to seat. Plus I’d get 1-2 duds per hundred and yes they were seated properly 

I ended up using them only in my practice ammo 

I also still have some left. I get a few duds per K.

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On 2/13/2020 at 6:52 PM, AverageJoeShooting said:

Anyone ever used wolf small rifle primers for 38sc reloading? I have like 5k of them and just wanted to know how they compare to Winchester small rifle 

You are better off selling them to a local benchrest shooter.   They are highly coveted, and hard or impossible to find anymore. 

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47 minutes ago, AverageJoeShooting said:



Why did they go out of business of something? 


I kid you not I have 5k of them laying around. I was just going to load 38sc with them instead of going out and buying winnies

Russian stuff is or was blocked from import. 

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Please, make sure you seat them all the way. When I stared using Tula few years ago I got frustrated because I had bunch of misfires. Once I started seating them harder, no problems in open guns.

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