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Bolt Carrier

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One that I've run that's worked with everything...various uppers/barrels and triggers from Geissele/POF/Hiperfire/Rise/CMC without a hitch has been from Pickett's Mill Armory.  I got another one and they rotate between different uppers and such.  Dead nuts reliable.  All kinds of ammo from hollow points to flat points too.  Dediaced 9mm lower and a mil spec AR15 with Stern adapter, no probs.



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1 hour ago, MemphisMechanic said:

Save up. Buy a JP. Never think about it again.

If I were going to start another blowback build I’d echo this ^^^
I’d only add by saying spring for the newest short-stroke version, so if you ever want last round bolt hold open capability you’re already squared away.


Budget choice would be the Foxtrot Mike bolt, solid and under $100 when they’re in stock.


But, that said, there’s a lot to be said for “buy once, cry once” with a lot of this stuff... 

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