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Mono Vision Contacts


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I didn't think it fit anywhere else.


Anyway, if you wear mono vision contacts, is the reading power on you dominant eye or non-dominant eye?


I am right handed and right eye dominant. I'm just shooting a handgun at a range, not precision bullseye. I'm front sight focused with iron sights.



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My reading power is on my left eye, right handed shooter with right eye dominate.  The front site for me is blurry.  I wear two different contacts with different magnification and can change to strong magnification on my right eye if I want to see the front dot with better clarity.  Tried that for a while however, going to a red dot for me was the way to go, no longer struggle with the issue at all, highly recommend that if you haven’t tried it.

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Right handed, right eye for reading

Left eye dominate for distance.

Contact wearing from the 1970s.


I shoot pistols with my right hand and just close my left eye.

I can shot rifles, shotguns with my left eye.



I have changed my contact to have distance in my right eye and close with my left eye; usually for PCC, Sporting Clays, 3G, and Rifle.  I really prefer this method.  Contacts are cheap.


I spent years experimenting with changing my mono-vision set up.  At my age, I am not going to win the Caddilac for a match win, so I just do what feels best with decent results.

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I have been  experimenting with this for a while. I'm right eye dominate and shoot with my right hand. Right now I use the right eye to focus on the sights and the left eye to see the target. It doesn't work to bad as long as your shooting at plates or a plate rack or something with a little size. But if I try precision shot or try to focus on a little object it gets lost because because I'm using to much of the right eye  trying to line up more precise. There is a Eye Doctor in San Francisco that seem to be pretty good about figuring this out for people. But that's a long ways from NJ. I haven't seen him I just read about him in a shooting sport magazine. I was trying different contacts then had some shooting glasses made up. It works ok but not perfect.


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I'm right handed, right eye dominant.  Mono vision glasses - perfect focus on front sight with right eye and distance focus in left.  Works very well.  When shooting dot sights or scopes I just use my normal glasses which also works well.

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Wife is an Opthalmic tech, she did my refractions, Then I got to bring home this go go gadget Gizmo glasses that is infinitely adjustable and all kinds of lenses that swap out.
New to glasses, just been suffering for years. Have had one set made and they were pretty bad.
But with this thing !   Wind blows and the angles sing !  first time in years I can see.  Did some dry fire drills on targets, sun in eyes, sun over shoulder, Iron sights, Reddot..
Any way for me..
Right hand right eye dominant.
Right lense focused on front sight,,, 25 inches.  Left lense distance ,  some how brain can sort that out and I ended up with a nice clear sight picture, as well as a nice clear target.
Got my military BC's on the way to try them out.

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