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DA/SA Trigger for Match Pro


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USPSA Production rules indicate I cannot use a SAO trigger in my Witness Match Pro.


Only Double Action, Double Action/Single Action, and Safe Action/Striker Fired handguns are allowed, and must be on the approved list.


I have a Hennings flat SAO installed. Can someone suggest a good/decent DA/SA trigger I can put in so I can shoot Production? Thanks.

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This works good:



You will also need a disconnect or/Bolo and your hammer may not be correct. 

Addition parts you will probably need:



It’s not hard to convert, just may require fitting to make it shoot reliably. 

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On 2/13/2020 at 2:42 AM, Rugbyrat said:

Should I get the CGW trigger pin also?


Maybe, depends on what is in the gun now. I have the Henning flat trigger in a Limited and I remembered you will need a trigger return spring and since the Henning trigger was slightly thinner than the stock one, it's been awhile, but I believe I trimmed down the pin which goes through the trigger bar for a flush fit. I would get a new of those. I believe I uses the same trigger pivot pin. You will also need to check and see which firing pin is installed and if it still has the firing pin block plunger and spring.

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8 hours ago, waktasz said:

It doesn't matter what trigger you put in it if that gun isn't on the Production list


The problem is the OP really hasn’t posted which Tanfoglio he has. It could be an approved Production pistol converted to SA only. The only “Witness Match Pro” identified on line is the polymer version, which come in both SA and DA/SA. The Witness Limited Pro is listed under production. 


Of course most local level I matches won’t check the official production list. 

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10 hours ago, Rugbyrat said:

I have the The EAA Witness P Match Pro by Tanfoglio. I contacted EAA who replied that the The EAA Witness P Match Pro by Tanfoglio is on the production list.

The list is available via the USPSA web site and app.  

There are so many new guns coming out I think the official “production” list probably needs to be changed. The idea is to prevent “race” guns from being made special for the division and help the newbie shoot what they own and not feel handicapped.


Is yours the polymer version? The “P” in the name.

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