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Anyone have "mover" target plans?


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About 25 years ago I built a mover target using the two buried posts, cable and trolley method. Used a Ford Taurus 12v electric radiator fan motor, w/approx 1" pulley  to move the nylon cord to drive the trolley 70'.  Used (2) double paddle double throw (DPDT) relays to change directions via wired foot switch.  Worked very well.


Been thinking about about "possibly" setting up another using a rail trolley system with 12v DC permanent magnet motor. The trolley would carry the (protected:-) 12v motor,  battery, DPDT relays but this time I would use wireless relay switches.


Just shopping around for some ideas while the snow keeps coming down up here.  What would be helpful is if anyone is using the 12v DC system:  which 12v motor did you use, ie 1800 or 3000 RPM, watt or HP rating. (110v AC or generator is not an option for my location).


Asking because I spotted some old posts on this forum where the folks were offering mover plans.





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