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Las Vegas Hotels

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Anyone here have knowledge on how Las Vegas hotels are treating guests with long guns since the mass shooting?

I understand that many, if not all, Vegas hotels have always had an official policy banning guns from their hotels, but in the past I have checked in many times with Pelican long gun cases without a second look at check in. Since the mass shooting in Vegas I'm concerned that things have changed. I don't want to be denied check in at a hotel when they see a hard sided long gun case. A pisols or two isn't a problem, as they are safely tucked inside my suitcase,  but it's kind of tough to hide a Pelican 3 gun case.

There's got to be a way-I mean, how did all the gun guys travel with and store their firearms  staying in Vegas hotels for shot show?

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Depends on the hotel, but the couple I called suggested leaving them in the car instead of bringing them to the room. That or only using the parking entrance so not to go through the casino floor. Off strip seemed better and if you are there for a match and can swing it, air bnb or other housing rentals are very affordable once you get a couple people

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Better yet, get a Pelican Air 1615 which is suitcase-sized. Doesn't look like a gun at all. The case is 29"x15" and the hypotenuse is 32", long enough to fit a complete 16" AR with a muzzle device (as long as it's got a collapsible stock) and will fit just about any shotgun barrel. Only "negative" is you have to break down the shotgun and possibly your rifle, but for me, the benefits far outweigh the minor annoyance of 2 minutes of disassembly. NB: Even if your AR "fits" the case will probably pack better if you have it broken down.

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