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Ejector markings


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My 2011 ejector is getting dinged up. It’s about 1/4 way down on top right side. The slide is also getting dinged up a lil. Factory is saying the ejector is from hammer. And slide from mags. After only about 4k rounds I find it hard the slide is so chewed already. And without dry firing the gun without a slide. I find it impossible to have these markings from the hammer. 

I have been getting light strikes occasionally. Gun will then get malfs such as double feed and stove pipes when I clear it. Not sure if connected issues or not but hoping it is from that previous stated issues. 

mags have been changed and different ammo tried as well.  

thanks for any help



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So, not to start any controversy but...

I love SV. That being said, I sold the ones I had a few years back because of the proprietary tech involved with the interchangeable breech faces. Because they make one sized slide for use with all of their different caliber breech faces and internal caliber conversion parts, there is a few areas where this can be problematic. One of those areas is the ejector. It’s more finicky with smaller calibers like 9mm. If you look at how the ejector is machined on an SV Pistol compared to other makers you’ll notice that it’s a good bit thinner in a few areas as a result of how it mates with the contours of the interchangeable breech face parts in the slide. You’d need another makers slide and frame to compare side by side, unassembled. Anyway, because of the extremely tight machining tolerances that SV uses along with normal wear and tear associated with routine maintenance and use (slide coming off for cleaning, dry fire practice reloads, live fire cycling, etc) the ejector seems to be particularly susceptible to getting beat up in various locations. The ones you’re showing are the ones I had problems with too on my SV guns. 


The other shooters I knew in the area who had SVs that were problematic had a local gunsmith mill the frames and slides of their guns to accept traditional 1911 type ejectors. It solved the problems associated with the weaker SV ejectors in 9mm but also rendered the interchangeable breech faces unusable for other calibers. I didn’t want to hassle with that so sold my SVs. I’m not saying that it’s a universal problem for every SV owner....I just saw it a lot with my guns and other local shooters. Sometimes designing a pistol around proprietary tech can reveal unintended consequences. 



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