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686 reamed to 9mm, what results


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So bought a 686 that tk reamed to 9mm.

Also cut for moon clips.

I don't have it yet.

So question is,  how are your results with both calibers.

Are you having to shoot 9 only

Or are you just partially sizing your 38 sht colts after fired thru the 9 chamber?

Thanks for real world use info.

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This I don’t get. To have a .357 reamed to 9mm when you can accomplish the same thing by shooting short colts. If you do this because you only shoot factory ammo it makes sense. Because you can’t buy 38 short colt in factory ammo. 

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The advantage of 9mm over 38 short colts is more durable moonclips.

I thought about buying an extra used cylinder for my 686. Have it teamed for 9mms and cut for moons. I think it would be a great limited 6 gun. jcc7x7 I am interested in what you will think of yours when you shoot it.



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Looking forward to it.

I'm currently shooting a 929 and have a couple 627s.

Thought l6 would be a good change of pace.

Probably will use 9mm with moons, since they're coming with the gun.

Ull give sht colts a try also.

Just looking for info from others who've had it done and what actually works.

Thanks Neil

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If you shoot a 929 in USPSA at about 132pf, then this ammo will "should" make power factor in your new 686 while shooting Icore Limited 6.

I have a 586-7 that I converted to 6 shot and had TK moonclip and ream out to 9mm. Don't be surprised if the ammo from a 929 drops almost 8-10 power factor in the 686, but with the lower power factor level in Icore....it makes power factor.

Because of shooting a 627 before the 929's came out, I have a 100 TK moonclips for the 627 and all my Starline Colt Short brass. I continued using the Colt Short brass all these years in my 929 and use the same ammo in my 586-7. The Dillon sizer die is 9mm.

So, with my 586 I'm using Colt Short moonclips from TK and they work great. 

The other shooter in my area shoots 9mm brass in his 929 and shoots the same ammo in his 686 reamed out to 9mm. 

Yes, the 9mm moonclip is thicker and more durable than the Colt Short moonclip, but I don't mind shooting Colt Short. 

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3 hours ago, Warrior75 said:

The advantage of 9mm over 38 short colts is more durable moonclips.




I have been shooting short colts for years now and I have only ruined 2 due to me stepping on 1 and a RO stepping on one. Not quite sure by what you mean by more durable. 

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3 hours ago, revoman said:

I bet it bends the same when stepped on 😂

You are correct, but the 9mm clips are thicker. Should be more durable. The one 38 moonclip that I lost from being stepped on was by myself. On a side note. I purchased a extra used 686 cylinder from ebay today. To do the same thing. I plan on having it reamed to 9mm and cut for moons. Paid less that $50.00 shipped. The machining will not be cheap, but I think it will make a fun fun for limited 6 with a 120pf.

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I know from shooting both a 929 and a 627 that the .040 9mm clips are more durable.  As they should be just by the fact that they're .015 thicker.

Step on stuff it bends that fairly obvious.  Start going to hard and fast un loading / Loading your Moon Clips at a match and the .025 627 clips can be bent much easier than the .040 9mm clips.

Still looking for real world , actual users of TK 9mm conversion .reamed 38/357 cyl.


In some regards it really doesn't matter I've got enough 38 Sht Colt brass to run my 627's , this new 686 and a few more if needed.

But trying to figure if I should by 38 or 9mm 6 rounds clips.  Guns coming with 20 for 38's but I like to have 30-50 moons per gun.

I load my ammo the night before a match and use plano style fishing lure boxes to store them in.

It seems less hectic at the match that way, at least for me anyway.


Thanks again for the info and more would be a blessing! 

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