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New USPSA shooter with videos linked.

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Hey everyone, I’m Bryce and I have just shot my first match of USPSA last month in Southern CA.  I am shooting production with a Glock 19. I managed to not get dead last in my first match.
As my typical spot is a normal gun range, I found my biggest problem to be my follow-up shots.  We can’t really practice something like that unless we go way out in the desert typically.
I believe my main thing to work on is my grip.  I have attached a few videos and my muzzle flip is not really consistent.  I haven’t quite figured out how to utilize my weak hand.  It also seems I fire my follow-up shot without regard for difficulty.  My splits seems to be the same and I am sure I’m not getting a clear sight picture.
If anyone else has some tips, please pass them along.  I think for now I am more worried about accuracy than running speed from each target.



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Get the gun up and ready (sights on the target) BEFORE you get to your next position. It looks like you are still gauging you position and then getting the gun up. Fairly common for new shooters. Looking for landmarks to help gauge where you are going to position yourself is one technique that people use during stage planning.


Edit: For ranges with restrictions on "rapid" fire, you might try the 50/50 drill. Basically you load a mag with 1 round, chamber that round, and remove the magazine. That allows you to take a live shot and then take a dry fire shot (the mag is out of the gun so the slide won't lock open). 


Welcome aboard!

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Welcome! I think you looked really good for your first match! By this time next year you will have a solid foundation on your fundamentals and be head and shoulders above where you are now! Just keep practicing and go to as many matches as you can. It helps to go to matches in different locations as well. It’s easy for a local club to stick to a certain style of stage layout and you get a much more diverse experience by going to different matches. Have fun!

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Hey everyone, a friend reminded me of this thread and I thought it might be interesting to update this with some new videos.  We just had a match again today and will link the videos here. 

I am now shooting a stock Glock 34 and am classified as B.  

Let me know what you guys think.


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Much better. That first Match Vid wasn't too bad for starting out. One thing be mindful of, whenever you put your gun in the holster, never take your eye off the gun, until it is fully in place. I watched a guy get DQ'd last weekend. Lost sight of his gun, just dropped it "at" his holster, gun hit the ground. 


Get down. I mean, squat and wider stance. Then explode from transitions. Try shooting on the move too, forwards and backwards when needed. It's a time saver. Glad you are still at it, it's a good sport, stay at it. Peace.

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